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                        Hydraulic Cylinder
                        Hydraulic Cylinder

                        Large size hydraulic cylinder

                        HC is professional in large size hydraulic cylinder, annually HC supply a huge quantity of large size hydraulic cylinders to all over the world, these large size hydraulic cylinders are suitable for medium or high pressure usage. With the large cylinder inner wall mirror boring surface finishing, and use world best qualified O-ring sets from UK. HC kept a lot of large seamless steel pipe and the big diameters piston rods as storage, this help to short the delivery time and also the production cost. HC large size hydraulic cylinder has the special design and tooling process, these kept the large size hydraulic cylinder with nice physical shape and good sealing function under the high pressure condition. HC is keening on large size hydraulic cylinders developing and manufacturing, from 2003 year to now, the Group invested more than 15 million USD for various machining equipments, measuring machines and tooling equipments. This guaranteed the high precision of HC large size hydraulic cylinders quality.

                        Below is the related pictures for HC large size hydraulic cylinders, HC large size hydraulic cylinder inner diameter ranges currently are from 250mm to 600mm. This meaning that currently, the biggest ID of the large size hydraulic cylinder which we can produce is 600mm.