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                        Hydraulic Cylinder
                        Hydraulic Cylinder

                        Self-locking cylinder

                        Self-locking hydraulic cylinder
                        HC Self-locking hydraulic cylinder series are double directions moving hydraulic cylinder with advanced technology .HC self-locking hydraulic cylinder specialized in mould manufacture with special requirements. It proves that HC self-locking hydraulic cylinder reduce the cost for researching and manufacturing during injection molding or die-casting molding. The cylinder has to be lockedwhen working under strong pressure thus HC self-locking hydraulic cylinder makes mechanical lock and automatic lock together so the assist lock doesn’t have to be used. HC self-locking hydraulic cylinder has strong structure after accurately assembled which stabilizes producing and increase output. HC self-locking hydraulic cylinder can be used in some other fields and solving many problems. Anyway, HC self-locking hydraulic cylinder is the masterpiece in all self-locking hydraulic cylinders with follow advantages’:
                        1)    No extra retaining mechanism
                        2)    Ability of bearing tons of force
                        3)    Clear locking pot
                        4)    Easy installation
                        5)    Good sealing
                        6)    Reasonable design
                        7)    Stroke depends on different requirements