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                        Hydraulic Cylinder
                        Hydraulic Cylinder

                        Square hydraulic cylinder F series

                        Square hydraulic cylinder F series

                        Square hydraulic cylinder specification
                        HC square hydraulic cylinder with compact design can save installation space. this series of square hydraulic cylinder is mainly used in metallurgy equipment and heavy machinery, and also suitable for other industries.
                        HC square hydraulic cylinder tubes are made of carbon steel, after is honed the inside diameter tolerance level in the H7 ~ H9 with surface roughness of 0.3 ~ 0.6μm.oil seal and other seal products are imported with high precision, resistant to oil, rusty, friction, loss, and pressure.various parts are precision machining by milling and CNC lathe, good fit, high service life, easy to maintenance.
                        Here are some parameters of HC square hydraulic cylinder:
                        Power fluid: Filtered oil
                        Material of dhliner bareel: Carbon steel STKM-13C∕Stainless tubes SUS304∕Tubre A6063TDS-T5
                        The range of pressure(MPa): 0.3 ~ 16MPa(3 ~ 160kg∕cm2)
                        The range of temperature: -30 ~ +110()
                        The range of speed mm∕sec:8 ~ 300mm∕sec

                        Suppliers for Square hydraulic cylinder, F series Square hydraulic cylinders.