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                        Hydraulic Cylinder
                        Hydraulic Cylinder

                        Hydraulic cylinders spare parts

                        Hydraulic cylinders spare parts

                        HC not only specialize in various hydraulic machine, complete hydraulic systems, standard, nonstandard hydraulic cylinder etc, but also can offer hydraulic cylinder spare parts with high qualities.

                        • Cylinder barrel:

                        It is imported from German, made of carbon steel. The inner bore is both honed. The tolerance of inner diameter is between H7 and H9. The surface roughness is 0.3~0.6μm. And the tension strength is above 50kg/mm2.

                        • Piston rod:

                        it is made of carbon steel imported from German. The external surface is honed, plated with Chromium (Cr).  The surface roughness is 0.6~0.8μm.

                        • Sealing:

                        It is imported from UK with an advanced technology. It has many qualities, such as, oil proof, resistant corrosion, rub resistance, low loss, and stress tolerance.

                        The various hydraulic cylinder spare parts are designed by CAD and manufactured by high precision CNC milling machine. These spare parts are easy to change with long operating life. Meanwhile, we can offer adequate technical consultation and perfect after-sale service. And we can provide standard or special design in order to meet our customer's demands.