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                        Hydraulic Cylinder
                        Hydraulic Cylinder

                        Single-acting hydraulic cylinders series

                        Single acting hydraulic cylinder

                        HC single acting hydraulic cylinder is also one of HC best products. Single hydraulic cylinder means just one direction movement which controlled by oil pressure, returning way depends on spring or the itself weight. This kind of HC single acting hydraulic cylinder have oil in only one oil port, the other one contacts with air.

                        Single acting hydraulic cylinder is the simplest actuator with oil only at one side of piston and only has one direction force and movement. Piston moves back to the initial by the spring or itself weight while the oil flows back the barrel. HC double action hydraulic cylinder picks the best match for rod and bore, taking clients’ requirements as well. HC double acting hydraulic cylinder usually takes superficial treatment to the piston rod like surface hardening or chrome plate to make the surface fine and smooth so that it can lengthen the rod’s working life. Besides, as the piston has to fit with the bore accurately, we take special treatment to the seal ring surface to make it move smoothly.